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Woman and Her Daughter Tumble off a Moving Train in Mumbai, RPF Officer Turns Lifesaver

Indian Railways always caution people against boarding or deboarding from a moving train, however, despite repetitive warnings some still choose to ignore it. Recently, a mother and her child’s life was saved after they fell from a train while boarding it. Thanks to the quick action by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable and a passenger, a major accident was averted. The incident took place at Vasai Road Station in Mumbai on December 13, 2022, and was captured on a CCTV camera. The video was shared by RPF India’s official Instagram handle.

In the video, a cop is seen sitting alert on a bench while a man in a white shirt is seen walking on the platform. A woman along with her daughter, on the other hand, is seen trying to get into a running train. The woman could not climb onto the train and missed a step and fell to the ground pulling her daughter out of the train as well. Seeing this, the commuter and constable quickly go to their rescue and pull them backwards for their safety. The caption also read, “Prompt action by RPF Constable Tejaram saved a mother-daughter duo from a major accident in nick of time at Vasai Road railway station while they tried to board a moving train. Your safety is our greatest concern”.

Watch the video below:

The video garnered over 5 thousand views as of now. Social media users praised the act of the constable. One of the users wrote, “good job”.

Another user suggested, “automatic doors are required.”

A third user added, “Why people are in a hurry to get into a running train, they should look at their physical condition, see if they have the guts to do such a brave thing and then what to do. There is little to praise Constable Tejaram”.

In a similar incident, a woman who fell off a moving train at the Maharashtra railway station of Gondia was saved by an alert RPF officer. According to Pankaj Chugh, a senior officer with South Eastern Central Railway, the event happened on the evening of August 16. The woman who boarded the Samta Express realised she was on the wrong train. As it was about to depart, she hurriedly leapt out (SECR).

The video amassed over 9 thousand views as of now.

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