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What is a Certificate of Coverage? How to Apply

If you are going abroad for work, then you need to know about the Certificate of Coverage (CoC), which tells us about our social security scheme and insurance coverage. According to the brochure on International Workers issued by EPFO, Indian workers going to work in a settlement country can obtain a Certificate of Coverage from EPFO if they are contributing to a contributory pension scheme in India.

The Certificate of Coverage will exempt such workers from payment of social security contributions in that country. However, in other countries, you have to contribute to the Social Security Fund as per the law of that country.

Applying for a Certificate of Coverage is also possible online. Employee Provident Fund Organisation, or EPFO, offers a feature on its “International Workers Portal” for this. On its official Twitter account, EPFO has explained its procedure. Online transactions will do away with the necessity for formal paper documentation in this procedure.

How to make a Certificate of Coverage online

First, go to the ‘International Workers Portal’. Select ‘Application for CoC’

Now login with UAN and Password and select Member ID.

After this enter the details of the detachment and upload the scanned copy of the passport.

Your application will go online to your employer for verification and attestation on the IW portal.

After this, the verified and attested application is sent to the concerned EPFO’s regional office for approval.

After getting the approval, the employee can download his CoC from the International Workers Portal.

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