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‘Vim Black For Men’ Real or Satire? Marketing Strategy Baffles Twitter

‘Vim Black’, a variant of the dishwashing liquid specifically “for men”, is here and Twitter is having a hard time deciding if it’s legit. Milind Soman posted an ad on Instagram promoting the product, in an apparent attempt to drive home the point that men should be participating equally in dishwashing and other household chores. “Vim Black – dishwashing liquid made for men. Or is it? @vimindia @mtvindia #VimBlack #VimForMen #BragWithSwag,” Soman’s caption reads.

It is not clear whether an actual ‘Vim Black’ has been launched or not, but many people have been criticising the campaign, claiming that it has driven home the exact opposite of the point that it was supposedly trying to make. The link to the product has been showing that ‘Vim Black’, priced at “Rs 0″ has sold out, which suggests that most probably, such a product has not actually been launched. It’s possible that the brand did the gimmick for a satirical effect.

Did you think it had a satirical impact or did it end up reinforcing stereotypes?

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