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Twitter’s ‘New CEO’ Thanks Elon Musk, Satirical Thread Goes Viral

A Twitter user is currently going viral for her satirical thread on becoming the company’s next CEO. This comes in as Elon Musk lost a recent poll where he asked people if he should step down as the Chief of Twitter. Emmy-nominated comedy writer, Bess Kalb, took to her social media handle and shared a five-post thread thanking Elon Musk. “He is so much more than the apartheid profiteer heir of an emerald mine owner who openly hates him, he is a man whose current only friend is Jared Kushner. I know that with his level of know-how and unimpeachable foresight,

@elonmusk will definitely go to Mars,” she wrote.

She further mentioned how Elon Musk made over $68,000 from his flagship innovation Twitter Blue! “We at Twitter thank him for that smart and lucrative idea and wish him the best in his future projects. We know they will be great and only explode a handful of people,” she wrote. Here is the thread:

The tweet has now gone viral and amassed over 56K likes. “This tweet storm is insane — and I mean that as the highest form of complement possible,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “This is brilliant and even more delicious that she protected her tweets. Lol. Trolls are fuming, one in particular I’m sure.”

The poll put up by Musk on December 19, 2022, is over and the results seem to bend toward users wanting him to “step down as the head of Twitter”. But, the question arises, ‘Will he really step down as the head of the bluebird app?’ Perhaps, his tweet said so. “I will abide by the results of this poll,” stated the Tesla owner after he asked, “Should I step down as head of Twitter?”

Netizens, however, slammed Musk for leaving such a big decision at the hands of the public. “If heads have to step down based on popularity contest then most heads would be out when the markets are bad.”

Another ironic comment read, “Imagine if our country was run that way.”

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