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Shocking! Veteran Actress Veena Kapoor Murdered By Her Son Over Property Dispute

Veteran actress Veena Kapoor’s murder case has been grabbing headlines recently. Her son has been arrested as the primary suspect in the case. According to police, Veena’s son murdered her over property dispute. He is accused of brutally murdering the veteran actress with a baseball bat, and then disposing of her body in an isolated jungle 90 kilometers away from her home. The murder occurred in Mumbai’s posh Juhu neighborhood. The incident shocked the entire television industry.

The news of Veena’s murder was revealed by her co-star Nilu Kohli, who had worked with the 74-year-old performer on several television shows and films. According to Kohli, Veena’s son has been arrested, and he is being questioned by the police.

Shocked and heartbroken by the death of her friend and colleague, Nilu shared a post on Instagram and revealed the reason behind the veteran actress’ brutal murder, allegedly by her own son.

According to Nilu, Veena was murdered by her son after he repeatedly hit her on the head with a baseball bat in a fit of rage. Veena died as a result of her injuries in her Juhu home, and her son disposed of her body. Her body was dumped in the Matheran river near Raigad district in Maharashtra, about 90 kilometres from Mumbai, by her son. Her second son, who was in the

United States, informed Mumbai Police about the incident after he came to know about it, after which her alleged murderer son was arrested and interrogated.

During interrogation, the son admitted to Mumbai police that he wanted to steal a 12 crore plot from his mother, which sparked an argument between them and he ended up killing her in a fit of rage. More information about the heinous murder of the elderly actress is yet to be revealed.

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