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Meghan Markle Trolled For Joking About Curtsying to Queen, Twitter Comes to Defence

Meghan Markle, ever since her marriage with Prince Harry and everything that followed with regard to the British royal family thereafter, has been on the receiving end of misogynistic and racist attacks on social media. After the new Netflix docuseries ‘Harry and Meghan’ dropped, the controversy around the couple gained renewed momentum. During an episode, Meghan and Harry spoke about how she did not know the proper way to curtsy when meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time.

Meghan spoke about how she didn’t know that she was about to meet the Queen, with Harry quipping about how he didn’t know how to tell someone that they would have to bow down to his grandmother. Meghan went on to jokingly demonstrate the curtsy she did and shared how she was later told that she had done “great”. However, many on Twitter began to troll her over the clip, and many came to her defence.

Earlier, Harry and Meghan shared how they met over Instagram. “I was scrolling through my feed and someone who was a friend had this video of them, like a Snapchat…” Harry explained while Meghan giggled. She had on the Snapchat filter with the dog ears. “That was what he saw of me,” she joked. “That was the first thing.”

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