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Not only adults, today even children are at risk of developing cholesterol disorders. From consuming large quantities of junk food to extremely sedentary lifestyles, all contribute to the rise of high cholesterol in kids. Excessive accumulation of cholesterol causes plaque to form on the walls of the blood vessels. This is known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can even restrict normal blood flow causing several heart problems. Moreover, cholesterol is also one of the leading causes of strokes. Persistently high levels of cholesterol lead to issues with the liver, blood circulation and more.


The risk factors of cholesterol in children include


Family history and heredity


Poor diet and nutrition


The National Library of Medicine has confirmed that children fail to show any detectable symptoms of having cholesterol. To identify whether your kid suffers from the disease, as a parent, you have to run a blood test. Routine checkups are also mandatory. You should take your child to a doctor if your family has a history of heart issues and cholesterol.


Avoid junk food: Make sure your kid does not munch on too much oily or fried food like pizzas, burgers, french fries, and chips along with sugary beverages like packaged drinks, and sodas. Curb their intake of sweet products like pastries, candies, and cakes as well. These foods are particularly unhealthy because they include a lot of fat and calories, which raises the risk of high cholesterol in youngsters.

Exercise: Kids should also be encouraged to engage in workouts or any other forms of physical activity on a regular basis in order to stay fit. According to research, exercising for 60 minutes on a day-to-day basis can lower your kid’s chances of acquiring cholesterol levels. Any physical activity can be chosen based on the child.

Maintain a healthy weight: As a parent, you must always keep your kid’s weight in check. You can consult a paediatrician or a nutritionist to keep your kid’s weight in check so that they do not get obese. Regular health check-ups are also crucial.

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