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India’s First Virtual eLearning Platform for Drone Tech Will Train Future Champions: Garuda Aerospace CEO

India’s first eLearning platform for drone technology by Garuda Aerospace will provide skilling and training to one lakh youth over the next two years, said founder and CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash. Inaugurated by union youth affairs minister Anurag Singh Thakur on Tuesday, this virtual platform called Garuda Virtual Drone and Skilling University will train future leaders and champions in the field, he said.

Jayaprakash told News18 that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence , machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, and data analysis were fields that promised high-paying salaries. He further said the Garuda Aerospace Remote Pilot Training Organization, approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, aims at providing drone skilling and training to one lakh youth over the next two years.

Through the newly launched virtual platform, drone skilling and training conferences will be spread across three hours where sessions will be split into four modules of 45 minutes each. “Garuda Aerospace instructors will break down every aspect of drone technology with theory classes, online modules, flight simulation and actual practical real-time on-ground flying, which will involve an internship,” Jayaprakash said.

He said students will learn about topics such as the history of drones, what drone technology is, where they are used, how they operate, and how to become trained. “We will also cover the history of Garuda, what our company has done in the past and what we intend to do in the future,” he added.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the 50 different types of services that Garuda drones are providing to clients across the world, he said, adding, “we will also share why it’s needed by clients and how important allied technology like data processing, AI, machine learning, software and firmware of drones, which are key topics to understand.”

Classes will also cover autopilot, ground control station, radars, sensors, and various types of payloads such as probes, magnetometers, high-powered cameras, sprayers, speakers, delivery boxes and weapons, for various use cases and applications.

Jayaprakash also said there will be a focused session on how to become a drone entrepreneur and avail AIF loans scheme, which has unsecured loan options at a 5 percent interest rate and three months of EMI relaxation period. “To summarise our vision, Garuda’s hybrid curriculum of both offline contact training sessions and online virtual eLearning Platform will provide a detailed insight for youth across India,” he said.

“We believe every youth is unique, and as promised we would want to share knowledge and awareness to shed light for our young diamonds to contribute towards national development. The time for being ordinary is over,” he added.

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