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How Assam CM Himanta Enjoyed Traditional Pomelo Salad in a Paddy Field on a Cold Winter Noon

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took out time from his busy schedule to enjoy a lazy Friday afternoon lunch at a paddy field in Golaghat district, where he was visiting to inaugurate and lay foundation stone for 14 projects. On the sidelines of his visit, he joined local women harvesting paddy at Rahdholar Pathar to relive childhood memories.

Sarma enjoyed freshly harvested and peeled pomelos prepared in a traditional recipe called ‘robab tenga pitika’, which is simply mashed pomelo pulp mixed with spicy bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), a sprinkle of chopped coriander, and dash of mustard oil served on a plantain leaf. The fresh salad is best enjoyed with friends and family in freshly harvested paddy fields on a cold winter noon.

“Interacting with women harvesting paddy at Rahdhola Pathar in Golaghat district and having lunch with them was very inspirational. Our women not only support their families but also play a crucial role in economy. Grateful to Hon’ble MLA Shri @Mrinal_MLA for the arrangements.”

Pomelo, called ‘robab tenga’ in Assamese, is used to make a simple salad with the shortest possible list of ingredients — the bite of chillies, pungency of mustard oil and a touch of salt is all it needs to make this salad tantalise the taste buds. Due to its cultivation in southeast Asian countries, the pomelo has delicate pink and fragrant flesh. It is said to be the “principal ancestor” of the grapefruit and is the largest citrus fruit of the Rutaceae species, weighing somewhere between 1 and 1.5 kg. A native of Southeast Asia, the scientific name of this fruit is Citrus maxima, which translates to ‘biggest citrus’.

Sarma then enjoyed lunch with the village residents, preferring to sit on paddy hay and enjoy his sumptuous meal of rice and catfish cooked in bamboo poles, steamed with herbs and served in plantain leaf and bowls.

After this, it was time for pictures with ‘Mama’, as Sarma is fondly known as. It has almost become mandatory now for the people to pose with the chief minister and Sarma happily obliged.

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