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Halwa to Eggs, Karnataka Govt Schools to Provide Special Lunch to Children During Festivals

The Karnataka state education department has released a new circular allowing government and aided schools to involve local communities to provide special lunch and feasts in schools on special occasions and festivals. Along with this, the circular clearly mentions that selected items that has products listed by the government and only vegetarian food be allowed to serve in schools. This is to maintain quality since children’s health is of prime importance said a senior official.

The department of public instruction has also asked schools to organise community lunches. The school staff can organize these special lunches on days like village fair, festivals, weddings by encouraging villagers to serve special delicacies to kids. School development and monitoring committees should ensure food safety during these special feasts.

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The circular also mentions that schools can accept donations in the form of plates, cups and mixers that will help the mid-day meals facility. The department of public instruction has clearly said that the food distributed in schools should follow local customs and traditions of the place. Further, special meals to be served with regular meals under this scheme.

The schools are told to maintain data of donors and submit the same regularly to the department. Other precautions like food safety is also clearly mentioned.

“Food that is served should be fresh and not expired. The food should be safe for consumption and easy to digest. Food items should be served immediately after preparing since they will ruin soon” said the circular.

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Henceforth, kids are now allowed to relish eggs, groundnut chikki, pickle, papad, halwa, biscuits, sweets, fruits, sprouts as new menu whenever there is a sponsor/donor. Morning breakfast and evening snacks are also allowed in this. The above list of delicacies is also mentioned clearly by the department.

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