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Gmail Suffers Massive Outage Globally, Restored On Mobile And Web

Google finally restored Gmail service after it suffered a massive outage for millions of users globally, including in India, on Saturday.

Gmail users complained about mails not being received. Both mobile app and desktop versions were affected across the world.

“The issue with gmail is now fully mitigated. All the backlog of undelivered messages have been cleared and mail services are back to normal,” Google Workspace said in an update.

“Thanks for your patience while we resolved this issue,” said the company.

The company earlier said that mitigation was currently underway and “email delivery is no longer failing”.

“However, the Google Engineering team is now working through the backlog of undelivered messages and expect all messages to be delivered in the next few hours,” the company added.

Google, however, did not reveal the cause behind the mega global outage.

According to website outage monitor portal, most problems were related to receiving emails, apart from failed connections.

Both mobile app and desktop versions were affected across the world.

Several people took to Twitter to report problems with Gmail.

“Is Gmail down for everyone or is there anything wrong with my accounts? I am not receiving any mail,” tweeted one Gmail user.

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