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Delhi Man Fights With Co-passenger on Flight, Video Goes Viral

Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 11:59 IST

Delhi Man Fights With Co-passenger on Flight. (Image: Twitter/@_CJSW)

The video was initially posted on the Instagram page of Being Aviators, and later it was re-shared on Twitter.

A video of a man causing a ruckus onboard a flight in India has taken the internet by storm. In the short clip, the angry man can be seen embroiled in an ugly spat with his fellow passengers. He points a finger toward another person seated just a couple of rows away. “Nobody speaks when I speak,” says the angry man while his fellow passengers try to calm him down. “I am telling you, don’t talk to me like this. You don’t know who I am,” he shouts again. Another person can be heard in the background asking him to sit down.

The video was initially posted on the Instagram page of Being Aviators, and later it was re-shared on Twitter. The user who uploaded the clip claimed that the angry man on the video might be a ‘Delhi guy.’ Watch the video here:

Twitter was furious after watching the behaviour of the angry man. A user wrote, “Some people don’t see places and lose their temper anywhere. Such things can be avoided and they can be handled in a better way. People should maintain decorum and not make a horrible experience for all their co-passengers. Hope people realize this.”

Another asked, “Was that a fight for a window seat?”

One person wrote, “Omg what a goonda (thug) he is … such passengers should be banned from traveling.”

A user added, “Of course, no one knows who this guy is, my guess is, he is an idiot who got free tickets for a flight.”

The video has amassed over 2 lakh views on the micro-blogging site. The identity of the man and the details of the flight where the commotion took place remians unclear.

In September, a passenger onboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight was blacklisted by airline authorities after he created chaos mid-air. Videos had gone viral showing the man punching seats, kicking the aircraft’s window, and picking up fights with crew members. The passenger was finally taken into custody by security officials after the flight landed at Dubai airport.

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