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Check Predictions for Number 8

Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 00:15 IST

Numerology 2023: Overall, 2023 will be a very prosperous year for you. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

Numerology 2023: The year 2023, which totals up to 7, will be full of ups and downs for people with number 8


People with number 8 are born with infinite potential and enthusiasm to complete the task therfore achieving high level of success. They are well aware of their talent and mission of their life. They are known to be family-oriented people because they are very close to their family members and try to provide a very good environment for their family.

They can make impossible to possible in business, and if they partner with anyone, they give more than the other partners. They are heart winning and holds great sense of humor. They are generous and generally the best judge of other’s character.

Overall, 2023 will be a very prosperous year for you.


The year 2023, which totals up to 7, will be full of ups and downs for people with number 8. You will be successful in your decisions if you make them with the help of your intuition and remains unaffected by inherent opinion. It is advised that you exercise caution when entering any kind of partnership and think carefully before speaking to others to prevent any miscommunications.

If you work in the job sector, change of job will be a worse decision, so decline any new offer. 2023 will present you with many business opportunities, but you should only close them in January, August, and October.


In 2023, old love relations may bloom leading to permanent settlement, so looking for a new love should be avoided. You must consider the bigger picture before concluding any relationship, and only then should you make your decision. As you know, relationships take time to develop, so if you decide to commit to someone, ensure you give them quality time.

You should not break the relationship on few little mistakes of your partner. Married couples will find it busy and labourious days, spending time and efforts in serving other family members, therefore arguments will grow over petty issues.

In 2023, your image in family and social circle will grow. Your helping and giving nature will win the heart of the society. It is advised that you resolve any disagreements with your families as soon as possible because 2023 will be the best year for your family life. People may gossip behind your back, but you must remain mindful of the changing seasons. Controversies and conspiracy, both are possible, so stop relying blindly on peers and strangers.

2023 Remedies

  1. Perform Lord Shani Pooja with mustard oil all Saturdays.
  2. Donate footwear and clothes to needy.
  3. Water green plants in surroundings.
  4. Maintain softness in speech specially to your domestic helpers.
  5. Avoid Non-Veg and Liquor
  6. Avoid animal skin products such as leather etc.

LUCKY COLOURS: Sky Blue and Green



LUCKY DAYS: Friday and Saturday

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