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Bodysurfer Gets Trapped Inside Flooded Cave, Continues Filming Fearing He’ll Die

Adventure sports can be fun. But they certainly can lead you straight into dangerous predicaments. This bodysurfer from a recent viral clip found himself in a similar situation when he got trapped in a cave. In terrifying footage, posted on YouTube, the bodysurfer, Ahmed Erraji, can be seen trapped inside a flooding cave with seemingly no escape. The reason why he chose to keep the camera going was not for clout. Instead, he feared for his life when the strong current had taken him into the cave. While he eventually spotted an exit and attempted to make it towards it, the current proved to be too strong. Sticking against the rocks, Ahmed did what he could, taking deep breaths whenever the water allowed.

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Just Breath, hope, be patient…and especially the will to live, to feel, to be. Real footage, real story,” read the caption’s video.

Take a peek here:

Thankfully for Ahmed, after over two hours, the tide turns low enough for him to swim ‘carefully’ towards the tiny exit. Though he soon realised he ought to be careful about what might be waiting for him outside. Upon his exit from the cave, Ahmed realised there was nothing but cliffs behind him, so he needed to get out. While he still had over a mile’s swim ahead of him, Ahmed made it through.

In a similar incident, two South Korean miners found themselves trapped underground for nine days. As they waited for being rescued, the duo survived on something rather unusual. The 62 and 56-years old duo lived on instant coffee powder and the water falling from the ceiling of a collapsed shaft.

The doctors who treated the miners at a local hospital said that while they were initially suffering from hypothermia and muscle pain, both men were in fairly good condition. The two had shared 30 sticks of instant coffee while trapped and even built a fire.

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