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Argentinian Mum Shares Moving Story of When Her Son Met Lionel Messi

Last Updated: December 27, 2022, 15:37 IST

When a little boy met Lionel Messi in 2010. (Credits: Instagram/@barbyesses)

Barbie, an Argentinian woman, shared how Lionel Messi agreed to meet her kid in 2010 and how they had a ‘beautiful talk’ over GHD, a condition from which both of them suffered.

Lionel Messi-led Argentina’s epic victory at the FIFA World Cup 2022 has the internet in awe of the iconic footballer. Not only is he a player par excellence, it would appear from the videos and anecdotes circulating about him, that he is all-around a legitimately endearing person. Now, an Argentinian mother has shared a story about Messi and her son from over a decade ago that’s leaving people misty-eyed. Her story, shared on Instagram, has been translated by a Twitter user.

Messi was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and went through an arduous journey to overcome it. From being injected with growth hormones to FC Barcelona sponsoring his medical treatment, his journey has been both harrowing and inspiring. The Argentinian woman shared how she realised that her son had “what Messi [had]” and the role Messi had to play in her son’s journey.

“I bought a poster of Messi, we put it on his bedroom wall. We told him that he would do the same treatment as his idol. And for him to see that it was not an impediment for Lionel to fulfill his dreams. I knew that this would do my son good,” she wrote.

She went on to contact Messi’s father and arranged a meeting between the star player and her son who was then eight years old. The three had a chat where Messi and the boy spoke about where their injections were given, how much it hurt and more. Messi told the boy that everything would be fine if he would be patient.

“Messi told him that he sometimes used to be teased as “pulga”, that sometimes he wanted to be a giant. But being small had its advantages, [you could be] more skilful and quick. And he told Tommy : “at your age I was the same size as you,” the woman wrote.

Tommy is now all grown up and the same height as Messi. “For all this I prayed that on Sunday Messi would win the world cup. I will be eternally grateful for that talk with my son. Thank you Messi, you are giant. Barbie, Tommy’s mom,” the woman signed off.

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Twitter users couldn’t help but be moved by Tommy and Messi’s story.

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