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Ankit Gifts Priyanka His Bracelet Before Exit; Abdu Returns To BB House

Last Updated: December 25, 2022, 22:55 IST

Ankit gifts Priyanka his bracelet; Abdu rejoins Bigg Boss 16.

Ankit Gupta exits the Bigg Boss house after contestants voted him as least active contestant; Abdu Rozik rejoining the show delights all.

Bigg Boss 16 Day 83 Highlights: A day after housemates voted Ankit Gupta as the least active contestant in the BB house, the Udaariyaan actor exited the show. We also see Priyanka Chahar Choudhary crying inconsolably as she gets shaken after her best friend’s exit announcement. As the day progressed, we see Priyanka and Archana hugging each other as the latter feels like doing so post-Ankit stepped out of the house. Here is a breakdown of the episode:

Archana Gautam hugs Priyanka Chahar Choudhary

Archana called Ankit’s exit from the Bigg Boss house a new birth for Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Archana performed a little dance after Bigg Boss made the formal announcement of Ankit’s exit. She even got the tag of being insensitive by Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahliwalia and MC Stan post which the actress said that all of them are happy about Ankit’s exit as well but they aren’t expressing their feelings. They all disagree, after which Sajid says that nobody can argue with Archana. Later on, Priyanka also tells Sajid Khan that she feels that she has just entered in the show, because earlier she was just with Ankit all the time.

Vikkas Mankatala and Sreejita De’s war of words

Vikkas Mankatala and Sreejita De get into a war of words and the former calls the latter lomdi ‘fox.’ He even says that she gossips about housemates the most. We see Sreejita also getting back to Vikkas and she called Vikkas ‘non-existent’ and ‘dust particle.’

Tina Datta fights for chicken

Tina Datta blames Sumbul Touqeer Khan for giving extra chicken pieces to Sajid Khan. Vikkas, Tina and Shalin were seen having their meal in their bedroom. Next, we see Tina complaining about less chicken pieces being served in her plate. In middle of having the meal, Tina walks to dining table and asks Sumbul if she deliberately served her less pieces of chicken and served more chicken to Sajid. Sajid says that he wasn’t aware if he was served more, he asks Tina to take the pieces from her plate but she denies. Sajid then walks back to dining table that she had chicken pieces in her plate.

Shekhar Suman hosts Christmas Special Bigg Bulletin

Shekhar Suman reads a card for Shiv Thakare, sent by an imaginary girl. He even says that his imaginary GF says that Sreejita gives her oxygen. While reading a card for Nimrit, Shekhar shared the facts about the actress’ habits and her antics in the house. Shekhar also taunts Sumbul on her habit of crying more often and crunched a wet card that dripped water. He also took out a dhai kilo ka haath-themed card dedicated to MC Stan. He also says that he will crunch the card to make jewellery out of it. Next, he brings a card in the shape of a red light, for Archana from an imaginary MP. Shekhar enacts Archana’s laughter and repeats the word Bhaiya again and again. The BB Bulletin host took out a card in the shape of a horse from Ankit’s side to Priyanka. Shekhar dedicates the song Channa Mereya from Ankit’s side to her. She cries after listening to the song. Shalin’s card comes in the shape of a dumbbell by Aamir Khan. The card had details about his antics in the house, about him pushing the buzzer, his love for chicken, apologising from Salman Khan and more. A card in the shape of notes comes for Sajid Khan. Shekhar reads Sajid’s card and says that he often makes predictions about contestants. Next, Sajid says that he has a feeling that Shiv and Archana will be best friends after BB exits. Next, Shekhar Suman wishes all the housemates a very happy new year and takes the exit.

Bigg Boss schools Vikkas Mankatala

Vikkas Mankatala tells Archana that Shiv Thakare did bite one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Marathi. (In reference to her exit after she choked Shiv in the previous episode). Archana was shocked to know of this and discussed the same with Soundarya who says he is trying to serve his ‘hidden purpose’ by telling this to her now, after more than a week of entering the house. Archana confronts Shiv, and in between this Bigg Boss interrupts and asks everyone to come together in the living room. BB then schools Vikkas Mankatala on sharing the incident. BB asks Vikkas for other details of Bigg Boss Marathi, which he fails to answer. Archana then agrees that she shouldn’t believe half-truths. Later, Sajid explains to Archana that she is innocent and she shouldn’t believe others blindly.

Abdu Rozik rejoins Bigg Boss

Housemates get super excited to see Abdu Rozik entering the house. He hugs everyone including Shiv and tells him that he missed him. Later, Nimrit tells Sajid that Abdu didn’t meet her properly. She says that Abdu is giving them cold shoulder, irrespective of no body besides Shiv, Sajid, MC Stan and her missing him. Later, Sajid taunts him by saying “It was nice meeting you.” He even asks Abdu if his team asked him to stay away from them. Later, Abdu seems shocked to know about this, and denies. Nimrit tells Abdu that he didn’t make eye contact with her. Later, Sajid and Nimrit walk away and leaves Abdu with Shiv and Stan.

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