7 Best Security Plugins for WordPress

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best WordPress security plugins to make sure that your WordPress site is secure. Heres a look at 7 of the best WordPress security plugins to keep your site secure from malware, hackers, forced attacks, and other types of malicious security threats. While WordPress security goes well beyond just plugins, they are still an essential tool to keeping your website locked down.

The best WordPress security plugins are easy to install and configure, and most are free, with premium options offering additional features that some sites might require. Even if one single plugin does not offer every feature you are looking for, there is always an opportunity to install a few compatible ones in order to have exactly the right protection suite your site needs against malware, forced attacks, and hackers.

With one or more of these plugins on the side of your site, you can rest assured your site is protected against threats. Just remember, pairing your plugins with other security best practices is the smartest way to keep your site secure. Protect your site against security vulnerabilities and other malicious software by using a plugin for WordPress specifically designed to enhance the security measures of your site.

What are some Uses of Security Plugins?

This popular security plugin provides full site defense using new rules regarding firewalls, malware, and bad IP addresses, which are necessary for keeping your site free from infections. For best protection at security levels of your website, you can use Sucuri along with WordPress security plugins such as WordFence or iThemes Security. The best part about Sucuri is that it is completely free, and provides comprehensive checks for your site against spam, blacklisting, malware, as well as other security-related issues such as hidden malicious codes,.htaccess, etc.

The free Sucuri plugin does not include access to the site firewall, which I think is a critical piece of your WordPress security. Wordfence is one of the best free WordPress security plugins that you can get. It provides firewalls and security scanners, blocking malware, SEO spam, and malicious redirects, among others. Wordfence Security scans all of your files for malware, not just your WordPress files, as it has a server-based scanner.

Wordfence also scans plugins for security vulnerabilities, and offers a brute-force defense feature for extra site security. Using the plugin, you can scan your site for security flaws, monitor threats, and defend against attacks using its firewall. Wordfence has its own firewall, which runs on your own servers, instead of cloud-based firewalls such as Sucuri. Unlike some other plugins for protecting your WordPress, Wordfence uses endpoint-based firewalls instead of cloud-based ones, meaning that the firewall is effectively running on the servers that you are protecting.

Unlike the plugin, Wordfence is local to your site, can run deeper scans, and provides end-to-end encryption for connections to your site. You can navigate complex security features with ease, and manage your site from within your Wordfence dashboard. If you have many WordPress sites, you can also use Wordfence Central to manage all of your sites security from a single dashboard. Webarx is a cloud-based site security platform that makes it really easy to manage the security for several WordPress sites from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins, Wordfence Security offers a convenient and feature-rich dashboard, showing you the summary of the website firewall, scanned security issues, and attempted hacks. The premium version of Wordfence Security offers more frequent scans, spam protection, and other enhanced features, at a cost of $99 a year. This plugin offers excellent features in its free version, such as file integrity monitoring and security hardening. This plugin allows you to create custom firewall rules, harden WordPress installations, create backups, monitor uptimes and security issues, get alerts, export reports, and much more.

Jetpack allows you to easily scan your site for security vulnerabilities, and has more than 5 million active installations. Jetpack is also one of the best WordPress security plugins, offering comprehensive solutions for protecting your site, improving site performance, and managing site activity. Another popular, comprehensive solution in this list is Jetpack. All-in-one WP Security is another popular plugin which offers features which help to secure your WordPress site from hackers.

All In One WP Security & Firewall is a free WordPress security plugin offering easy-to-use features and guidelines to secure your website, making it the best WordPress security plugin for beginners who have small to personal websites. All In One WP Security & Firewall is designed to address the common security holes found on most WordPress websites. All-In-One WP Security & Firewall will help you keep up with the trend, make sure people are using strong passwords, and warn you when plugins need updating.

If you need a free WordPress security plugin: All In One WP Security & Firewall, Sucuri Security (free version) or Wordfence Security. Another highly-rated, solid security plugin for your WordPress website, which keeps your site safe by including a powerful firewall and protecting against Brute force attacks. Sucuri Security — Popular amongst web developers and online businesses, this plugin uses security keys to secure your websites firewall.

The name alone of this plugin shows all of the vast security features that it offers. Wordfence Security has an entire suite of firewalls, something other WP security plugins just do not, and includes features like nation locking, manual locking, brute-force protection, real-time threat defense, and web application firewall. Some of these plugins are complete security solutions that do it all, while others focus on particular aspects of security, like activity logs, firewalls, or brute force protection.

One unique feature of Security Ninja is its security tester module, which runs more than 50 tests on your site to examine the core files of your WordPress, the MySQL permissions, and the PHP settings. Site Integrity: comes with a security scanner that checks known security vulnerabilities and newly modified files across a WordPress site, plugins, and themes.

Do I Need A WordPress Security Plugin?

Yes! One of the most important aspects of any online business is security. It makes no difference whether you are a large corporation or a small business website. Hackers prey on everyone.

Each week, more than 18 million websites are infected with malware.

While the core WordPress software is extremely secure, the plugins and themes you install can expose your website to vulnerabilities.

f attacks on your website are successful, they can:

  • Seriously hurt your business
  • Damage your brand reputation
  • Impact your search engine rankings.

5 Best Security Plugins for WordPress (Free and Premium)

Security PluginsRating (
1. Sucuri4.3/5from $199 / year
2. iThemes Security4.7/5from $80 / year
3. Wordfence4.7/5from $99 / year
4. Jetpack Security3.9/5from $24.95 / month
5. WP Cerber Security4.9/5from $29 / quarter
6. WPScan4.1/5$5/ month
7. BulletProof Security4.8/5$69/ lifetime access

Which Is the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

Now that you’ve reached the end, it’s time to pick the best one. Sucuri, the most comprehensive tool on this list, is our top pick.

Sucuri includes all of the features required to protect a website from hackers, and its advanced Web Application Firewall is the most powerful on the market.

The free SSL certificate and global content delivery network included make it an excellent all-in-one solution.

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